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Welcome to Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are Mrs Norman and Mr Parrish.  Mrs Norman teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr Parrish teaches on Thursday and Friday. They are supported by our teaching assistants Mrs Meredith and Mrs Robinson.

Year 3 has an enriched curriculum that supports the children's knowledge and understanding of important life skills. Not only do we focus on English and Mathematics, we teach a range of primary subjects including Science, History, Geography, RE, PSHE and MFL (Modern Foreign Languages). Cross-curricular learning is essential and allows children to have an even stronger understanding of the units. We use a scaffolding process to support the children and they have the opportunity to learn using concrete, representational and abstract methods. 

Please take time to study the Curriculum Map below, which will give you a great insight into what your child is learning throughout the year.

Thank you!