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PSHE at Emneth Academy


The aim of PSHE is to allow children to develop and acquire a tolerance and respect for our school and local community. This is embedded through The Jigsaw scheme of learning in order to teach the personal, social, health and emotional learning of all our pupils.


Alongside the teaching of curriculum subjects and assessment of attainment and progress, we ensure that our children’s talents and successes are celebrated throughout school. We hold a weekly celebration assembly which not only celebrates academic gains but personal ones also. PSHE targets are also celebrated across year groups. This helps to inspire children to work hard in all areas of their learning as we embed a culture of celebrating all achievements for every child.


The impact and measure of this is to ensure children not only acquire the appropriate age related knowledge linked to the curriculum but also skills which equip them to progress from their starting points. Our top 20 experiences give children a wealth of transferrable skills which they have developed throughout their time in primary school in an inclusive and nurturing environment. This gives our children a rich vocabulary and enables them to have high aspirations and beliefs through the teaching of this subject.