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English at Emneth Academy



At Emneth Academy, we recognise that Reading is a tool for life. As an Academy, we want our children to enjoy reading and leave as accomplished and fluent readers. If children at our school fall behind for any reason, we endeavour to ensure that they catch up quickly. We further believe that every child should read confidently and fluently before they progress to the next stage of their education.


At our academy, we recognise that giving opportunities for children to read is of paramount importance. As a result, children read daily in all lessons. The books that they read are tracked and teachers ensure that each child has a book with the right level of challenge. Phonics is taught from day one in Reception through the use of the Letters and Sounds scheme. We teach whole class reading lessons throughout the Academy which have a clear teaching sequence. The lessons are based on Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval and Summarising/Sequencing (VIPERS). Children are exposed to a variety of high-quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts during sessions.

Intervention groups are put in place to support children in KS2 who did not pass the Year 1 phonics screening test. Children are read to daily for at least 15 minutes by their class teachers, using age appropriate books that engage and inspire pupils. Parents are made aware of the expectation of reading at home for at least one hour per week. This is tracked and monitored, with an emphasis on disadvantaged children. A reward system is put in place in order to encourage children to read more. Finally, classroom environments at Emneth Academy stimulate and aid children with their reading by providing a space for them to appreciate books.


Pupils at Emneth Academy are enthusiastic about reading - books and classrooms reflect this. Children learn the key skills and techniques associated with reading comprehension. We strive for pupils to move from year to year enjoying reading and developing a love for it.