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Computing at Emneth Academy


Emneth Academy believe that computing is an essential part of the curriculum, both as a subject and a subject that is an integral part of all learning. In our modern world, children are surrounded by computers and this subject underpins all new technology. Through an engaging and varied curriculum, we aim to develop a thirst for learning by providing a wealth of learning opportunities and transferrable skills.

In Computing, children will learn the skills, knowledge and understanding that will equip them for the rest of their life, including key vocabulary associated with computing. The subject will teach pupils how to create their own algorithms in order to instruct computers, how modern day technology can provide means to store and present information, and the ability to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibility. The combination of these three areas will ensure children leave the academy with a broad base for learning in the digital world of today.


At Emneth Academy, the Computing curriculum will be divided into three separate disciplines:

1. CS – Computer Science

2. IT – Information Technology: Programmes / schemes – EXCEL / ipads

3. DL – Digital Literacy Each of these areas will cover the following objectives:

In Early Years, pupils will have an opportunity to the understand how to use the Internet safely as they explore the world around them, and that technology is present everyday as they learn and understand the world.


The aim of Emneth Academy’s curriculum is to create children who are digitally literate and confident at using technology as part of everyday life. All pupils will have the skills, knowledge and understanding to safely use technology effectively as part of all their work. The development of Computer Science skills will develop logical thinking and analysis, with Information Technology ensuring children can use different software effectively. Digital Literacy will underpin all this learning as it is vital children from the earliest opportunity understand the consequences of using the Internet and how to keep themselves safe online.